I am Knowledge receiving the above-said vehicle in good condition at the time of rental.
Saya mengaku menerima kenderaan tersebut dalam keadaan baik pada waktu penyewaan.

I agreed the vehicle is/are not for illegal intention usage that contravenes causing the vehicle to be confiscated or otherwise.
Saya bersetuju bahawa kenderaan tersebut di atas, tidak boleh digunakan untuk tujuan atau kegunaan yang menyalahi undang – undang negeri yang boleh mengakibatkan kenderaan tersebut di rampas dan sebagainya.

I liable for any traffic offenses compound or summon incurred while processing the vehicle.
Kesalahan jalan raya adalah tanggungjawab saya untuk menjelaskan sebarang kompaun atau saman.

I agreed to undertake full responsibility on the vehicle until its return to the owner.
 Saya mengaku bersetuju akan bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya keatas kenderaan tersebut sehingga di pulangkan kepada empunya tuan.

I will be liable for any damage to the vehicle for accidents or negligence on my behalf.
Saya mengaku akan membayar ganti rugi sekiranya kerosakan pada kenderaan di sebabkan oleh kemalangan dan kecuaian sy sendiri.


Delivery & Collection Fee

Delivery & collection within 5 KM radius will be RM 10. The delivery & collection below 10 KM will charge RM 20. The hirer will be informed of the additional charge for delivery and collection.


Driver’s Age & License Requirements

The drivers must be between 18 – 65 years old. Other nationals who hold a valid driving license in English can drive in Malaysia for a maximum of 3 months. Probationer license holders will not be accepted.


Minimum Rental

Minimum rental is 1 day (24 hours). Any extension above 12 hours is considered full day rate.



Vehicle Collection

During vehicle collection, the hirer is required to inspect the vehicle(s) thoroughly. The hirer is also advised to check for a spare tire, tire opener, and tools of the vehicle. If the hirer found any damage or missing part, please inform our staff immediately. Any damage or missing part that is not reported earlier will be considered under the hirer responsibility.


Insurance & Excess

Any accident or scratch must be borne by the tenant and must be held accountable by the tenant for the reason the vehicle provided by BCR is in good condition and the tenant must return it in good condition.

Therefore, before the tenant boarded the vehicle, the tenant must first identify the part that is scratched or dent, in order for the conflict to not arise later.

For some time, tenants will have to pay compensation according to the following vehicle class:

Class A – Below 1.5 RM 3000 for Car
Class B – Below 2.0 RM 5000 for Car
Class C – Below 3.0 RM 8000 for Car

Class D – Under 1.5 RM 5000 for MPV
Class E – Under 2.0 RM 8000 for MPV
Class F – Below 3.0 RM 12,000 for MPV

Class G – Below 3.0 RM 10,000 for Van

If the tenant is safe until the vehicle is declared totally lost, the tenants need to pay class compensation only.


If applicable * Scratch * or * deny * customer will have to pay compensation according to the repair cost only. No need to pay excess accident.



The Hirer is required to pay a security deposit of MYR 50 | MYR 100 | MYR 200 if the hire purchases Excess Protection or subjected to the above excess if the hirer did not purchase Excess Protection. The security deposit will be refunded upon return of the vehicles if no damages had occurred and no summons had appeared during the rental period.



Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the car. A penalty of RM 300 will be charged for cleaning any unpleasant odor.

All traffic summons (if any) will be under hirer responsibility. Penalty RM 50 will be charged if the customer failed to pay the summons within the time specified.

For long-term rental, the hirer is responsible to return the car at our nearest branch if the car is due for servicing.


Speed Limit

The speed limit for the highway in Malaysia is 110 KM/hr, while a normal road is 90 KM/hr. Please drive carefully and obey traffic rules.



Returning the vehicle kindly inform us if you want to return or extend the rental.


Cancellation Policy

All cancellation must be notified 3 Days / 72 Hours before the booking date. We reserve the right to charge full day rental for cancellation less than 24 hours.